CHN is maintaining as many of our services as possible, however WE ARE ELIMINATING IN-PERSON CONTACT FOR EVERYONE’S PROTECTION.  Our phone system is operational. Please view our blog post for program-specific instructions. CHN / NHS loan customers: CLICK HERE.

Connect with CHN

Resident Engagement Council

CHN Main Offices, Rm. 134

2020 Schedule TBA

Join us to discuss topics of interest to you and CHN residents and learn more about other opportunities available to you. For more information, please email Pat Kenney. 

Kelly Ali

(216) 774-2371

Collinwood, East Cleveland, Glenville, St. Clair, St. John's

Pamella Bows

(216) 774-2378

Buckeye, Lee & Harvard, Mt Pleasant, Union Miles

Valerie Childers

(216) 774-2364

Hough Neighborhood

Vernestine Foster

(216) 431-2705

Erie Square Apartments

Dawn Johnson

(216) 721-9556

Hough Heritage Apartments

Idell Logan

(216) 774-2379

Regional Manager

Dolores Lozada

(216) 774-2416

Slavic Village

Keith Moore

(216) 575-0920 Ext 110


Michelle Nowden

(440) 356-0007

Pinzone Towers

Sharon Parries

(216) 365-0145

Maple Park Place Apartments

Phillip Studmire

(216) 664- 6265

Rent Fund Properties

E'londa Zander

(330) 335-3226

Detroit, Michigan