1-5 weeks annually as outlined below:

New Hires

Hire Date:

January 1-June 30th: 2 weeks

July 1-September 30th: 1 week

October 1-December 31; 0 weeks

Starting January 1st the following year: 3 weeks

Current Employees

Hire Year:

2010-2019 (1-10 years): 3 weeks

2000-2009 (11-20 years): 4 weeks

1999 or earlier (21+ years): 5 weeks

** Vacation time is available after 90 days for new hires and must have prior approval from Supervisor.


Up to three (3) days per year

Accrues at ½ day every two months.

* Personal time is available after 90 days for new hires and must have prior approval from Supervisor.


Thirteen (13) sick days per year

Accrued at 1 day per month (except January and July in which 1½ days are accrued)

Can include: (a) care for a sick family member, (b) medical appointment at beginning/end of day.

Cannot be used for non-medical matters, i.e., teacher conferences, unofficial “snow days”, etc.

Doctor’s excuse may be required for sick time exceeding three consecutive days.

Can accumulate up to 50 days (restricted to 13 in any one (1) year except for “serious or catastrophic illness, injury or surgery documented by a medical professional”). Must be approved by the Executive Director prior to usage

*Sick time is available immediately upon being hired.


New Year’s Day

Martin Luther King’s Birthday

Good Friday*

Memorial Day

Independence Day (July 4th)

Labor Day

Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving Friday

Christmas Day

Christmas Eve

½ Day for New Year’s Eve*

Veterans Day*

* These are floating Holiday’s meaning the office is open so some staff will be needed. If you work any of these holidays, you will work with your manager to select a different day off after the Holiday has past.


Twelve-week paid parental leave for parents upon the birth of their child regardless of their gender in addition to Adoption (FMLA guidelines apply)


Bereavement Leave, Jury Duty, Military Leave, Personal


– Medical coverage available to full time employees only

– Covers domestic partners of the same or the opposite sex.

– Premiums paid through payroll deduction.

– Spousal Coverage Reimbursement: employees covered under another health insurance policy, who elect not to be covered by a CHN policy, can be reimbursed for out of pocket monthly premium costs up to the amount that CHN would pay for that employee’s insurance.



Basic Life/AD&D, and Long Term Disability Insurance 

– These basic insurance coverage’s are available to all full time employees and paid entirely by CHN.

– Life insurance available to full time employees only

– Premiums for coverage equal to two (2X) times the employee’s annual salary (rounded to the nearest



– Short Term Disability

– Accident Coverage

– Critical Illness

– Voluntary Life Insurance; Spousal, Dependent and Employee

401K PLAN:

– Plan administered by Mutual of Omaha

– Employee may contribute up to 100% of his/her salary (or $16,500, whichever is less) annually to the plan.

– CHN will automatically contribute 3% of the employee’s salary to the employee’s plan once he/she is

– Eligible employees are encouraged to make pre-tax contributions each pay period. Eligibility

-requirements – one (1) year of employment, minimum of 21 years of age


– Eligible full time and part time employees may receive up to 50% of the cost of books and classes, for a maximum of $2,000 per year.


-Flexible Spending Accounts – See Accounting for more information

-Free Parking

-Free Fruit and Bagel’s on the first Monday of every month

-Public Student Loan Forgiveness– Government restrictions/ guidelines apply