Are you having trouble paying rent due to COVID-19?


This lifeline, funded by the City of Cleveland and Cuyahoga County, can help.


How to Apply

  • Gather a few documents:

            • Photo identification for each household member over 18 years of age

            • Verification for each household member (Social security card preferred, or birth certificate)

            • Income documentation for each household member 18+ years of age (Most recent 30 days proof of income, 2020 W2, 2020 tax return, record of unemployment, letter from employer, etc.)

            • Copy of lease AND landlord's phone number and email address

  • Select your preferred language and apply online using the links below.

  • Please ensure the information you provide is accurate and complete. Your electronic signature and a brief explanation will be needed to attest that you are experiencing a hardship related to COVID-19.

  • After your submission, we will be in touch with you as soon as possible.


Failure to provide accurate and complete documentation may result in delays and the withdrawal of your application. Once submitted, if an application is incomplete, we will reach out to you. If we do not hear back within 7 days, your application will be withdrawn. 

How does it work?

  • CHN is the entry point to access rental assistance. 

  • If you qualify, your landlord may receive up to 12 months rent. (The number of months of rent available is dependent upon your community.)

  • CHN will screen all applicants for other assistance programs that may help make your electric, gas and water/sewer bills more affordable.

Who qualifies?

  • Residents of the City of Cleveland and Cuyahoga County who are having difficulty making rental payments due to the economic impact of the pandemic and who meet income eligibility requirements.

  • If you qualify for rental assistance, you may be required to attend more in-depth financial counseling, provided by CHN, as a condition for payment of the rental assistance.

  • Priority is given to applicants whose income is at or below 50% AMI, have an adult household member who has been unemployed 90+ days and who have a court/set out date. 

About our Partners

Founded in 1990, EDEN is a nationally recognized housing provider through their scattered site properties, permanent supportive housing buildings and rental voucher programs. While EDEN focuses on such housing activities as development, location, housing stability, landlord relations, inspection, maintenance and management, the agency also partners very closely with dozens of community-based agencies to ensure that tenants obtain the support services they need to improve their health and well-being and sustain permanent housing. For more information, visit

Step Forward, formerly The Council for Economic Opportunities in Greater Cleveland, is a nonprofit organization and the Community Action Agency for Cuyahoga County that operates programs and services dedicated to transforming the lives of residents. Step Forward delivers education, personal and professional development programs and support services to residents of Cuyahoga County. Programs include Early Head Start (birth to three) Head Start (three – five years of age); individual assessments for classes and coaching sessions on topics including parenting, anger management and life skills; and professional development: job readiness, customer service training and job placement. Step Forward also delivers the Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP). For more information visit

Our Referral Agencies

For help completing your application, contact one of our referral agencies listed below.

Referral agencies and other partners: Feel free to help us promote the program! Download our flyers in English and Spanish below!

For tenants facing eviction:

Legal representation is available

to those who qualify!


Know your rights!

Learn more about Landlord-Tenant law.


Learn more!

Visit Cleveland Housing Court



Landlord Information

As a Landlord for nearly 40 years, we understand these are difficult times, and we appreciate your patience and cooperation. We will be in contact with you regarding required documents. Please be sure to respond to our emails and/or phone calls.


Failure to respond within 10 days of a document request will result in your tenant's application being withdrawn, and your tenant will need to reapply.


If your city has a rental registry, we encourage you to sign up for it. If your property is in Cleveland, please register here:  Cleveland Landlord Registry

Thank you!

CHN Housing Partners