Lead Safe Loans, Grants and Incentives

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CHN’s Lead Program provides home loans, grants and incentives to help landlords obtain their lead safe certification. This program is offered in partnership with the Lead Safe Cleveland Coalition.

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About the Program

Completed applications can be emailed to lead@chnhousingpartners.org or dropped off in the Lead Services dropbox on the first floor of our office: 2999 Payne Ave. Cleveland, OH 44114.

  • In order to qualify for financial assistance, property owners must meet our eligibility guidelines. Minimum eligibility guidelines include, but are not limited to:
  • Unit must be built before 1978 and located in the City of Cleveland.
  • Owner must have current rental registration issued by the City of Cleveland Department of Building and Housing.
  • Owner must be current on all property taxes or have a payment plan in place.


Types of repairs:

  • Lead interim control improvements, including remediation and clearance.
  • Repairs include paint film stabilization (repainting), treatment to minimize friction, treatment to prevent impact, cover to prevent chewing, specialized cleaning, covering/restricting access + other sources of lead.


Types of financial assistance:

  • Loans
  • Grants
  • Incentives

Landlord Contribution:

  • If you are awarded or approved for funding, a landlord contribution will be required. This contribution is applied toward the costs of your lead safe project and used in addition to the award or approved funding amount. After you complete the application, our loans and grants team will provide additional details regarding the landlord contribution expectations, amount and timeline.

Project Expectations

  • All CHN HP Lead Services projects will result in a lead safe clearance
  • After you are awarded or approved for funding, our Construction Management team will oversee and manage your construction project and related work

Program Timeline

Loans and grants will be available to eligible property owners beginning in December 2020. Enter your City of Cleveland zip code in the box below to find out when your Lead Safe Cleveland certification is due.

Interested in Learning More and Applying?

Application Resources

View our program fliers and apply online or print and fill out a paper copy.

Contractors/Risk Assessors Needed!

CHN is currently seeking qualified firms capable of performing lead control work.

Additional Community Resources

Learn more about other lead-related resources available in the community.

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