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  • Overdue Mortgage or Rent
  • Threat of Foreclosure or Eviction
  • Late Property Taxes

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“CHN helped me to stay in the only home I’ve ever known.”
- Manuela

Is your home in foreclosure or are you being evicted from your rental property? Are you behind on your mortgage, rent or property taxes? Are you worried about your future ability to pay because of impending layoff, medical issue or other imminent crisis? Our HUD approved housing counselors will help you stay in your home and regain financial stability. These services are free of charge through funding from HUD, United Way, Cuyahoga County and others.

Schedule an appointment or walk in as described below. We are located at: CHN Housing Partners, 2999 Payne Avenue, First Floor, Room 134, Cleveland, OH 44114.

Cuyahoga County Homeowners:

If you are a homeowner in Cuyahoga County, we can help. Schedule an appointment or walk in anytime on Wednesdays between 2:00 – 6:00 pm.

Cleveland Renters:

If you are a renter in Cleveland, we can help if you have suffered a hardship (e.g., loss of regular income or unexpected major expense), you are struggling to pay your housing expenses (e.g., rent, utilities), and you have a child a school in the city of Cleveland. Intake is on Thursdays from 1:00 pm- 5:30 pm every week.

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